A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Amid a backdrop of galactic civil war, KWENN SPACE STATION is one of the few places beyond the empire’s reach. A hive of gambling, indulgence, and drug smuggling, it is ruled by a criminal organization lead by ADDA THE HUTT.

The manager-chief of KWENN, THE DUKE, is rumored to be in conflict with his second in command THE DUCHESS, while ADDA becomes increasingly demanding of KWENN’S profitability.

Meanwhile, tensions rise across the station as an imperial star destroyer known as THE RELENTLESS has docked, seeking the traitor ADAR TALLON.

Only one thing is for certain: The future of KWENN STATION and the various ne’er do wells that frequent it is precarious at best…


This setting was created using the session 0 rules from Begging for XP:

Trouble on Kwenn Station

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