Trouble on Kwenn Station

Finishing the Job
A Vis Perspective

Good ol’ Captain Shorwarr helped us navigate the woods so we could make sure the bounty hunters would not be bothering us again. He reminds of of a boring Frochit, but was helpful in the terrifying woods of Nimban. We got attacked by some sort of tree squids, but they fucked right off. They learned not to fuck with Frochit! While I scared one off with the trusty slugcaster, while Frochit ripped the other right from the branch he was trying to hide in. Mar’Toch was having no nonsense either, piping in with his shotgun.

As we approached the wreckage, my entourage appeared to be hiding in the bushes. Knowing these bounty hunters weren’t so tough from our previous dog fight, I led the way on my new R4Z3R declaring that I was ready to finish the job! Those cowards zinged me pretty good from their hiding places, so I returned fire as I tactically withdrew. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught my pal Frochit charging in to mash some faces. These guys were about to learn what the tree squid did! I heard a shotgun blast, as I peeked around the tree I saw Mar’Toch had also been taking care of business. There appeared to be some movement in the ship as well. Maybe Gary was doing something?

When the dust had settled, I had to take care of that cheeky bastard who shot me. This prompted Frochit to toss me off my scooter into a tree. The tree was some sort of rats! Combined with the shot from earlier, I decided to take a wee nap. When I woke up I appeared to have some mortal injury! I self medicated with a couple of death sticks, and luckily Gumble has some experience as a doctor and stitched it up…to some extent.

Returning to Adda the Hutt, I asked if I could have that sweet ship that I saved his ass in. He laughed and let me join his swoop race, offering the ship “if” I win. If? More like when. If his racers are anything like his scrubby guards and pilots, this should be in the bag! So we went to get a bike!

Searching for a bike, I wanted a fancy new one. My crew was more than willing to help, especially Giblet. He must have a bunch of holonet money or something. We bought a screamer, and though they didn’t break on the price they offered to paint it ANY color we want. Even Red! It’s red now! I have a ship to bet and a night of partying before the race tomorrow!

Light notes - update later

Session 2: PCs find duchess, she gives them a manifest detailing a shipment they are to make to Adda. Duke intercepts the PCs on their ship and offers to pay them more to take on a special mission. Accepting his offer, the PCs run off to an abandoned trade federation station where there are warring robot factions. Some who correctly acknowledge orders to disarm and ship off all goods on the station and some who have been corrupted into believing the station is under attack. The PCs manage to get the intended cargo as well as a load of other goodies for themselves.

Session 3: As the PCs come to deliver the good news to the Duke, they find him furious. Someone has sold him bad spice intended to kill him. Luckily for the duke it just killed one of his girls, but he isn’t about to let this slide. He offers the PCs a large bounty to find the fuckers. Tracking down security footage the PCs figure out who these guys are and Five finds records indicating they took off for Nimban. The PCs head there and find out these guys work for Adda the Hutt, and after doing some odd jobs manage to gain a rather awkward audience with him. During this they play the footage of the assassins failing to prove to Adda he paid assassins who hadn’t completed their job. The assassins pull a thermal detonator and use it as leverage to get to their ship. They take off but Vis, with the assistance of some Nesters, takes their ship down over the forests of Nimban. Adda is quite pleased with them and orders that someone find their ship and make sure they are dead. The Nesters have some problems of their own and can’t spare the men, so the PCs take the job and head off to town to find Captain Shorwarr, the wookie hunter they did the aforementioned odd job for…

Who could refuse?
A test is offered...

As our adventure begins, Gorbo has… managed to immediately offend someone and all of his friends. As the group approached, brass knuckles brandished, Frochit gladly started a brawl. Gorbo, not being one for a fight, pretended to be flung into a table of Aqualish, who immediately joined the fray to fight the ‘offending’ humans who would dare to disturb them. During the tussle, Vis made himself useful by… oh for the love… he went to the bar for more drinks. Anyway, just as Frochit and Mar’toch were finishing off the part of the group not dealing with the Aqualish, Gorbo managed to convince the entire bar that these humans were undercover Imperials from The Relentless, and that they were trying to make The Fat Bantha a human only bar! The resulting chaos allowed our friends to slip outside.

As the PCs stumble out into the main docking area surrounding the bar, a familiar voice comes from Vis’ comm: crackle “Vis! Ya scumbag piece of shit! Where the fuck are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!” crackle Oops. The PCs hurry towards Norpo’s office.

As they are getting off the elevator to the office-sector of Kwenn Station, Vis is approached by Ket’beji, who offers him what he dubs “Murder Sticks”, assuming a Balosar would be the perfect customer. Indeed he is! Vis gladly pounds one on the spot and…. nothing. Embarrassed, Ket returns the money and scurries off.

Finally at Norpo’s office, the PCs are given a job, told that if they manage to not fuck this up and prove themselves capable, they could be getting their next job directly from the Duchess herself. The cargo: Death sticks, a Twi’lek slave girl, and a whole butt-load of mechanical parts.

The first delivery goes easily enough, though only because Vis was too busy dicking around when everyone else was loading up the cargo to notice that he was transporting death sticks.

The second… doesn’t go quite as smoothly, at least for the psyche’s of Mar’Toch and Frochit. They drop the girl off at the seedy slaver operation as asked, though Frochit decides to stay in the ship and drink himself under the table instead of participating in the hand-off. Mar’toch is conflicted at the handoff, but knows he can’t cause trouble without Frochit there to back him up. Frochit can’t help himself as they take off, and pumps a few rounds of ion cannon fire into the facility. Hopefully that won’t come back to haunt them…

Finally, the PCs emerge from hyperspace at the last location, and are immediately greeted by hostile starfighters! Well, most of the party sees starfighters. Vis, on the other hand… Vis’ huge tolerance for death sticks has lead to a bit of a delayed reaction from the newest drug to enter his system. He’s on board the Murder Train, and sees lots of pretty colors and unicorns instead! After a lengthy battle, the PCs are hailed with a message of “You have passed the test. Please proceed to land.” just as Vis finishes tripping balls. They land on a small base built into an asteroid, and are greeted by one of the Duchess’ men, who apologizes for all this difficulty and has his droid pilots repair the damage to their ship and unload the parts delivery.

Successful, the PCs return to Kwenn, are rewarded for a successful job, and are told to seek out the Duchess soon for more work. Fresh credits? It’s party time!

Until next time…

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