Trouble on Kwenn Station

Who could refuse?

A test is offered...

As our adventure begins, Gorbo has… managed to immediately offend someone and all of his friends. As the group approached, brass knuckles brandished, Frochit gladly started a brawl. Gorbo, not being one for a fight, pretended to be flung into a table of Aqualish, who immediately joined the fray to fight the ‘offending’ humans who would dare to disturb them. During the tussle, Vis made himself useful by… oh for the love… he went to the bar for more drinks. Anyway, just as Frochit and Mar’toch were finishing off the part of the group not dealing with the Aqualish, Gorbo managed to convince the entire bar that these humans were undercover Imperials from The Relentless, and that they were trying to make The Fat Bantha a human only bar! The resulting chaos allowed our friends to slip outside.

As the PCs stumble out into the main docking area surrounding the bar, a familiar voice comes from Vis’ comm: crackle “Vis! Ya scumbag piece of shit! Where the fuck are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!” crackle Oops. The PCs hurry towards Norpo’s office.

As they are getting off the elevator to the office-sector of Kwenn Station, Vis is approached by Ket’beji, who offers him what he dubs “Murder Sticks”, assuming a Balosar would be the perfect customer. Indeed he is! Vis gladly pounds one on the spot and…. nothing. Embarrassed, Ket returns the money and scurries off.

Finally at Norpo’s office, the PCs are given a job, told that if they manage to not fuck this up and prove themselves capable, they could be getting their next job directly from the Duchess herself. The cargo: Death sticks, a Twi’lek slave girl, and a whole butt-load of mechanical parts.

The first delivery goes easily enough, though only because Vis was too busy dicking around when everyone else was loading up the cargo to notice that he was transporting death sticks.

The second… doesn’t go quite as smoothly, at least for the psyche’s of Mar’Toch and Frochit. They drop the girl off at the seedy slaver operation as asked, though Frochit decides to stay in the ship and drink himself under the table instead of participating in the hand-off. Mar’toch is conflicted at the handoff, but knows he can’t cause trouble without Frochit there to back him up. Frochit can’t help himself as they take off, and pumps a few rounds of ion cannon fire into the facility. Hopefully that won’t come back to haunt them…

Finally, the PCs emerge from hyperspace at the last location, and are immediately greeted by hostile starfighters! Well, most of the party sees starfighters. Vis, on the other hand… Vis’ huge tolerance for death sticks has lead to a bit of a delayed reaction from the newest drug to enter his system. He’s on board the Murder Train, and sees lots of pretty colors and unicorns instead! After a lengthy battle, the PCs are hailed with a message of “You have passed the test. Please proceed to land.” just as Vis finishes tripping balls. They land on a small base built into an asteroid, and are greeted by one of the Duchess’ men, who apologizes for all this difficulty and has his droid pilots repair the damage to their ship and unload the parts delivery.

Successful, the PCs return to Kwenn, are rewarded for a successful job, and are told to seek out the Duchess soon for more work. Fresh credits? It’s party time!

Until next time…


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