Gran, Disgruntled Proprietor of The Fat Bantha


This fat, old, and disgruntled Gran lives up to the name of his bar: The Fat Bantha. His left-most eye is lazy, no one quite know what caused it to be like this, but no one dares to bring it up either.


Anee puts up with all manner of scum, and only kicks someone out of the bar if they are costing him money (read: breaking his stuff). Anee would love to just leave all the rough and tumble ruckus behind and relax, but that requires enough credits to retireā€¦


The Fat Bantha

How do they support the status quo?

Keeps the riff-raff happy and away from the upper levels

What can this person do for people?

Provide info on seedy contacts, sell booze/drugs

What do they need?

Credits, Medication for his various health problems


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