Asori Zhet

Human, Local Governor


Asori lead the charge to change control of Nimban from Old Republic to Hutt space after the incursion of the Nesters, seeing the Hutts as their best chance of restoring stability since the Old Republic was occupied with more important matters. Asori knows that he is in the pocket of Adda, who has taken control of the Nesters in exchange for control of his planet. Asori still believes he made the right call, but is regretful that local needs are still one of the last concerns to be met even after the Hutts took over.

Asori is the figurehead of what little real local authority there is. He is the head of the local, and poorly geared, police force.



They support the status quo by:

Reassuring locals that things are better under Adda than they were when the Nesters had full reign

What can this person do for people?

Lend local support, what little they have

What do they need?

Anything that benefits the locals, typically medical supplies or supplies for the police

Asori Zhet

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