Drall, Colonist - Scholar


Always a bit of an odd one, even by Drall standards, Gorbo has been obsessed with all manner of conspiracy throughout his time at university. Having proven most of them wrong and just about to give up hope that these wonderful stories may in fact be true, Gorbo stumbled upon and began investigating evidence that the Jedi/Sith still existed. It didn’t take long for him to become utterly convinced that they did, and that they were in charge of the Empire and Rebellion, which was little more than a front for their continued religious war. Spreading these ‘rumors’ on the net has resulted in a small bounty being placed on Gorbo’s head courtesy of the empire, though this is unknown to him.

Gorbo made contact with a group calling themselves RIFLE, or Regimented Initiative for the Liberation of Everyone, speaking to one called “The Face” about how these groups need to be taken down for the galaxy to truly be free. “The Face” told Gorbo if he wanted to join up, he was to come to Kwenn Station and await further instructions. Hitching a ride with a group of fellow students on their way to vacation on the Outer Rim, Gorbo arrived on Kwenn a few days ago. He has since met up with Vis Ter’Dallo, Frochit, and Mar’Toch, trying to convince him that he can be useful to them if they promise to take him to his ‘friends’ when they make contact.

Obligation: Bounty 10

Motivation: Destroy Empire/Rebellion


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