Weequay, Second-in-Command of RIFLE


The slightly less brawny little brother of Li’Shar, Li’Darsh is the brains to his brother’s brawn. He is responsible for planning the logistics of each strike and typically takes a back seat to the fighting to act as a battlefield commander. Li’Shar is contemptuous of this, but cannot argue against his effectiveness as a commander and does not share this contempt outside of private meetings with his brother. Li’Darsh is more sympathetic to the viewpoints of the RIFLE members expressing a desire for diplomacy, seeing it as an essential pillar to their efforts if they are to ever be truly successful.

They threaten the status quo by

Disagreeing with Li’Shar about how to run RIFLE, terrorism (overt and subversive)

What can this person do for people?

Offer jobs that RIFLE is incapable of committing to themselves

What do they need?

Credits, detailed information on targets

What makes you fear them?

Calculating and experienced as a battle commander


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