Weequay, Leader of RIFLE


Brawny, mean, and full of hatred for both sides of the civil war, Li’Shar leads RIFLE and acts as the point man in all military operations. Not a diplomat or strategist by any means, Li’Shar inspires his troops through explosive rhetoric, leaving the planning to his brother and second in command Li’Darsh. He is of the mind that those amongst his ranks that argue for more diplomatic efforts are just cowards and dismisses them out of hand. Li’Darsh also eschews any female company and is incredibly hard on his female soldiers, believing them to be an inferior sex.

They threaten the status quo by

Terrorist attacks, not taking the peaceniks seriously

What can this person do for people?

Aggressively attack any target deemed to be sufficiently imperial or rebel

What do they need?

Targets, weapons, starships

What makes you fear them?

Irrational, unpredictable, angry, and radical


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