Pel E'clat, "Pet"

Klatooinian, Bouncer at The Duke’s Archives


Pel E’clat (or “Pet” for short, but don’t let him hear you say that) is a Klatooinian still ruthlessly loyal to the Hutts, or in his case Adda the Hutt. He works as a bouncer at The Duke’s archives, keeping the riff-raff out. As far as anyone on Kwenn knows, that’s all he is. In reality, he is Adda’s eyes on the inside ever since The Duke fell behind on payments. Able to hear most of the goings on of the business from his position in the Archives due to the Duke and Duchess doing most of their business there, he reports back everything he can to his boss.


The Dukes Archives


Adda the Hutt

The threaten the status quo by:

Reporting Kwenn’s business directly to Adda, supporting Adda’s desire to see Kwenn’s payments restored

What can this person do for people?

Let you into the Duke’s Archives, potential liaison for Adda’s business on Kwenn should the PCs need one

What do they need?

Leverage/information on the Duke’s organization

What makes you fear them?

Large and imposing, can restrict access to the Archives, Hutt connections (if known)

Pel E'clat, "Pet"

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