Mon Calimari, mechanic & diplomatically minded RIFLE member


Redolfo joined up after his wife was murdered by an Imperial intelligence officer who found out she was helping a distressed rebellion cell. Redolfo blames the imperials and rebels equally for his wife’s fate, and vowed to take them both down. He saw RIFLE as sharing his views, but has since calmed his anger considerably and regrets the violence they have caused. He has begun to insist RIFLE starts raising funds to send diplomatic missions to help planets distressed by the war, thinking that would be what his wife would want him to do. He has yet to convince the leadership to do anything substantial towards this end.

Redolfo also serves as RIFLE’s chief mechanic.

They threaten the status quo by

Trying to change the mission of RIFLE

What can this person do for people?

Help push non-violent change

What do they need?

Support for his ideals


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