The Duke

Twi’lek, underboss for Adda the Hutt


Underboss for Adda the Hutt and ‘ruler’ of Kwenn station, The Duke is a Twi’lek with white skin and black stripes, with a suit to match. No one quite knows what his name used to be.


The Bastille, and around Kwenn’s upper-most levels

They threaten the status quo by:

Trying to revive droid battalion

What can this person do for people?

High end jobs, connections <-NEEDS WORK

What do they need?

Income, preferably the quick and easy kind

What makes you fear them?

Eccentric, unpredictable, desperately money-hungry, surrounded by his Templar body guards


Previously the man in charge of Adda’s small drug operation, Kwenn was his opportunity to grow his slice of the business and rise up in Adda’s organization. Since the profits from Kwenn started to roll in, he’s gotten full of himself and has stopped paying as much attention to actually running the operation, instead spending lavish amounts of money on side projects that don’t always work out, and spending much of his time simply enjoying himself. He leaves much of the real work to his right-hand. This has caused Kwenn to become less profitable over time.

He regularly is attended by two females, usually innocent traveling girls of various races that he gets addicted to spice, and sells into prostitution when they become too drugged out to amuse him anymore, and are up to their eyeballs in debt. He is also attended by several bodyguards, elite and well-armed members of the Knights called Templars, who also serve as guard in the spire and lieutenants amongst the Knights.

Realizing that the profitability of Kwenn is slipping, The Duke, rather than stop blowing spice and exploiting women, has started becoming reckless about any venture he sees as capable of generating new income. Chief among these ideas is the revival of an Old Republic droid battalion found abandoned and deactivated on the lower levels of Kwenn, which he plans to use as police to drastically reduce the payroll of the Knights.

The Duke

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