Timmser Malo, “The Duchess”

Corellian Human, right-hand to The Duke


Tall with short cropped black hair, Timmser is beauty with an edge.


A former CorSec intelligence officer, Timmser worked too long chasing and apprehending criminals that made in a day what she made in a month. Figuring she would make a more effective and harder to catch criminal than those she handled at CorSec, she decided to leave Corellia and make a name for herself in the Outer Rim drug trade. Ruthlessly ambitious, she joined Adda’s organization and worked her way up at a lightning pace to be the right-hand of The Duke. A stickler for doing things properly, she keeps Kwenn running as efficiently as she can, but is constantly having to deal with The Duke’s aloofness and money wasting antics. This has brewed a disdain for the Duke in her, and that combined with her ambition means she is just waiting for the right opportunity to supplant him.


The Dukes Archives, sometimes The Bastille


Adda the Hutt

They Threaten the Status Quo By:

Looking for opportunities to overthrow the Duke

What can this person do for people?

Provide high-end jobs, stable employment, connections

What makes you fear them?

Ruthless, commands most of the real power in Kwenn

Timmser Malo, “The Duchess”

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