Vulk Ursi'ok, "Five"

Bothan, Kwenn Docks Administrator


A thin, fidgety Bothan


The administrator of the mid-level starship docks, “Five” makes sure that Kwenn gets the proper cut of all cargo coming to and leaving the station. He is notoriously fidgety and strict about schedules, always complaining that everything and everyone is at least five minutes late. He also serves as the administrator of Dock 96.


Kwenn Station docks, Dock 96

They support the status quo by:

Regulating the drug trade

What can this person do for people?

Allow you to dock in a timely fashion, and give you prompt time for taking on/offloading goods at dock 96

What makes you fear them?

He can get in the way of you running a smooth drug run if he decides to delay you

Vulk Ursi'ok, "Five"

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