Wookie, Hired Gun - Marauder


An ex-slave from the camps on Kashyyk, Frochit escaped in an extremely violent uprising. As he lifted off the planet, looking upon those he’d slaughtered in his escape as well as his dead brethren , an extreme guilt and horror crept over him. He vowed to never kill again, and developed a bad streak of alcoholism to cope with the memories of his time in the camp and the escape. His anger at what the empire had done to his people mixed with alcoholism has resulted in him being in his fair share of bar fights; Him being the instigator in fair share of them. He met up with Vis Ter’Dallo shortly after at a bar on some seedy nothing of a world, and the two became fast friends, bonding over their shared desire to mask their difficulties with drugs.

Spends most of his time free time on Kwenn Stationwith Vis Ter’Dallo in The Fat Bantha. Being regular patrons, Anee puts up with FroChit’s occasional bar fight. He knows the wookie will pay for the damages caused as well as being more than happy to help throw out any patrons getting in the bartenders face. Most of Frochit’s wages go into this place and is a large reason there is plenty of new furniture in the bar.

Although offered deathsticks by Vis Ter’Dallo on a regular basis and living on a ship littered with them, Frochit has resisted trying them and becoming addicted as well. Figures he has enough problems as it is and has an escape that works for him.

Although unusual for a wookie, he has developed a liking for stun grenades. Being to drunk or hungover to reliably fire his blaster on a regular basis, he finds it easier to toss a grenade and run in after it in the confusion. Preferring to knock out his opponents has lead to him acquiring a pair of shock gloves he wears to aid in the task.

Oath (do not kill) 10
Addiction (alcohol) 10

Friendship (Vis Ter’Dallo)


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