Colony 12

Notable Locations

Mine 42k “The Pit”
Offworld Mining Co Offices and Residences

Notable Faces

The Face


A mostly abandoned rocky moon orbiting an uninhabited gas giant, Colony 12 has had its valuable resources strip mined by Offworld Mining Corporation. A group of slave miners, now useless to the company, have been abandoned on a small settlement with limited resources.

Colony 12 is a now useless and little-known hunk of rock far from any major hyperlanes. This makes it the perfect place to lay low and go un-noticed. The paramilitary group RIFLE has taken advantage of this and set up their operations here, going off world to conduct smuggling operations for cash, and paying the slaves of Colony 12 in food, medicine, and spice in exchange for them mining what precious little materials remain in the mines.

When RIFLE has information on targets, this is where they organize their attacks. The spaceport holds their starfighters and modified mining company freighters that were left behind.


Spice, weapons, food, medical supplies


Small batches of minerals


R.I.F.L.E., or Regimented Initiative for the Liberation of Everyone, is a paramilitary group bent on the destruction of both the Empire and Rebellion. They believe the Empire and Rebellion to both be controlled by the Sith and Jedi, respectively, locked in a never ending religious war. RIFLE’s goal is to end this religious war and replace these groups with a secular system of government.

To date, they have sought to achieve this entirely through violence, attacking imperial and rebel targets whenever possible to disrupt their operations, and trying to build support for their cause both financially and via recruitment. The group only consists of several dozen loosely organized individuals, though these are all extremely idealistic and true to the cause.

Recently, a small sub-group within RIFLE has begun to question the extreme violence of the organization, instead arguing that they should conduct ‘hearts and minds’ operations on planets suffering due to the war, seeing that as a more peaceful and more effective route to destabilizing the status quo.

Travel Times

Kwenn Station: 2 days @ class 2
Nimban: 2 days @ class 2
Increase all astrogation checks coming to/from Colony 12 by 1 due to its off-the-beaten-path location

Colony 12

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