The Fat Bantha

Planet: Kwenn Station

A total dive, the Fat Bantha is located around the corner from the elevator connecting the docks to the upper regions of Kwenn, literally tucked into a useless corner. It is the hangout place for the poorer smugglers running drugs through Kwenn, as well as many of the working class citizens that operate the day to day drug distribution operation.


Ky Triblen

Why come here?

Make underworld contacts, do drugs, lay low

What is a common smell or sound here?

Vomit, loud talking/music

Bonus (TWO BOOST to these actions)


Penalty (TWO SETBACK to these actions)


Who belongs here? (BOOST to social)

The working class, smugglers

Who doesn’t belong here? (SETBACK to social)

Officials, the wealthy

The Fat Bantha

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