Trouble on Kwenn Station

Light notes - update later

Session 2: PCs find duchess, she gives them a manifest detailing a shipment they are to make to Adda. Duke intercepts the PCs on their ship and offers to pay them more to take on a special mission. Accepting his offer, the PCs run off to an abandoned trade federation station where there are warring robot factions. Some who correctly acknowledge orders to disarm and ship off all goods on the station and some who have been corrupted into believing the station is under attack. The PCs manage to get the intended cargo as well as a load of other goodies for themselves.

Session 3: As the PCs come to deliver the good news to the Duke, they find him furious. Someone has sold him bad spice intended to kill him. Luckily for the duke it just killed one of his girls, but he isn’t about to let this slide. He offers the PCs a large bounty to find the fuckers. Tracking down security footage the PCs figure out who these guys are and Five finds records indicating they took off for Nimban. The PCs head there and find out these guys work for Adda the Hutt, and after doing some odd jobs manage to gain a rather awkward audience with him. During this they play the footage of the assassins failing to prove to Adda he paid assassins who hadn’t completed their job. The assassins pull a thermal detonator and use it as leverage to get to their ship. They take off but Vis, with the assistance of some Nesters, takes their ship down over the forests of Nimban. Adda is quite pleased with them and orders that someone find their ship and make sure they are dead. The Nesters have some problems of their own and can’t spare the men, so the PCs take the job and head off to town to find Captain Shorwarr, the wookie hunter they did the aforementioned odd job for…


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