Adda the Hutt

Hutt, Up-and-Coming Crime Lord


Large, ugly, a slug. He’s a Hutt alright.


Riding a wave of profit from Hutt space real estate investments, Adda has used his new found money to forge a name for himself, establishing a small but booming criminal organization on Nimban. He used a hefty sum of his available funds building Kwenn, deciding that a drug distribution center on the edge of Hutt space was the perfect way to maximize profits from the drug trade. He has become very frustrated with The Duke as he has fallen behind on his regular payments from the Kwenn business.

Adda also used his money to hire a local group of pirates known as the Nesters that terrorized Nimban prior to his arrival. Believing that all pirates want is credits, he is content to leave the Nesters relatively un-managed, assuming they will do as they have been paid to. After quelling the local pirate threat, Adda began building resorts on Nimban with what little money remained in his coffers.

Adda is ambitious to a fault, a quality he shares with and admires in The Duke. He has invested most of his real estate profits in Kwenn and the Nesters, and desperately wants Kwenn to resume the levels of profit it enjoyed after its completion, as that is the best chance he has to continue the expansion of his influence. Few know how far Adda’s reserve credits have dwindled.


Addas Palace

They threaten the status quo by:

Imposing Hutt control on locals, building drug distribution center on the edge of Hutt space that threatens to spread drugs far outside of traditional Hutt territories

What can this person do for people?

Provide highly paid work, long-term contracts

What makes you fear them?

Hutt riches, control, and power

Adda the Hutt

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