Klatooinian, Technician - Outlaw Tech


A broad chested Klatooinian that might just be a year or two outside of his prime with a gut that’s starting to protrude a little more than he would like. Standing around 6’1" he has a somewhat unique brindle coloration and while still in what you would consider “good” shape he is not quite as agile or strong as he once was. Other than his color and large chest wound he would be considered unremarkable as far as appearances go.

His daily attire consists of mechanics clothing with enough stains to make you question what color the original might have been, and if you were to ask him he probably wouldn’t recall. Heavy boots with a sleeveless shirt and pants with no pockets is the norm, as he likes to keep most of his things in a black utility belt around his waist.


Obligation: Obsession 15
Motivation: Out of the Game, Emancipation

Currently working as a technician on the space station Kween, Mar’Toch spent his developing years being groomed as a hired gun for Borvo the Hutt. Though his true passion resided in the more mechanical aspects, he was bound by the ancient oath to serve in whatever capacity was deemed necessary or so his brethren would have you believe. After a number of near death experiences, and one especially nasty chest wound, he decided that it was time to get out of the game as in his eyes his personal debt was paid. Putting up his trusty weapon, Sola, he began anew with a toolkit and any mechanical knick knack he could barter for eventually finding his way to Kween.

Though not trained in any official capacity his natural abilities at not only repairing but “enhancing” ships and personal items allowed Mar’Toch to make a small name for himself with a small living too go along with it. More recently he has found his way into the company of a Balosar and a Wookie who’s ship has required more than it’s “fair share” of normal maintenance. At the behest of his employer and a bit of pride in his work he has taken up the responsibility of keeping the ship functioning, but deep down he knows it might just be a blank canvas for what could be his masterpiece.

The more time Mar’Toch spends with his new found companions the more he starts to question his species role in galactic affairs. Finding similarities in the Galactic Empire’s subjugation of the Wookies and the Hutt’s multi-century enslavement of the Klatooinians he has recently started to delve into the history of the Treaty that lead to this unsustainable and unacceptable situation.


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