Thraak, "The Talon"

Trandoshan, Nester Leader


Huge, burly Trandoshan


A pirate since birth, Thraak and his gang stumbled upon Nimban years ago and took up residence in the unknown Dreadnaught soon after finding it, seeing it as a perfect base of operations. Ruthless but calculating, Thraak figured the easy credits of a Hutt beat desperately trying to cobble together enough to keep his crew happy through their normal work. His crew is restless, missing the action they had as pirates; Thraak must constantly fight to remind them that Adda’s credits are the best they’ve ever had.


The Nest

They support the status quo by:

Propping up Hutt control by acting as cheap police force

What do they need?

Easy credits so they do not need to serve a Hutt

What makes you fear them?

Ruthless pirate reputation, well armed pirate band

Thraak, "The Talon"

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