Vis Ter'Dallo

Balosar, Smuggler - Pilot


Owner and pilot of The Dusks Shadow, Vis and his co-pilot/best friend Frochit run a small-time smuggling operation, and spend their free time drugging it up in all manner of seedy bars. Vis has been hopelessly addicted to death sticks since adolescence, using them to suppress ‘the voices’ he thinks he hears as a force-sensitive. His addiction got… much worse after the destruction of Alderaan.

Vis is a much better pilot than he lets on. He tends to stick to smaller jobs in order to stay off of the radar of more dangerous parties. This enables him to sustain his habit and reduce the possibility of putting Frochit in a situation where he must kill.

Addiction (death sticks) 15

Friendship (Frochit)

Vis Ter'Dallo

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