Trouble on Kwenn Station

Finishing the Job

A Vis Perspective

Good ol’ Captain Shorwarr helped us navigate the woods so we could make sure the bounty hunters would not be bothering us again. He reminds of of a boring Frochit, but was helpful in the terrifying woods of Nimban. We got attacked by some sort of tree squids, but they fucked right off. They learned not to fuck with Frochit! While I scared one off with the trusty slugcaster, while Frochit ripped the other right from the branch he was trying to hide in. Mar’Toch was having no nonsense either, piping in with his shotgun.

As we approached the wreckage, my entourage appeared to be hiding in the bushes. Knowing these bounty hunters weren’t so tough from our previous dog fight, I led the way on my new R4Z3R declaring that I was ready to finish the job! Those cowards zinged me pretty good from their hiding places, so I returned fire as I tactically withdrew. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught my pal Frochit charging in to mash some faces. These guys were about to learn what the tree squid did! I heard a shotgun blast, as I peeked around the tree I saw Mar’Toch had also been taking care of business. There appeared to be some movement in the ship as well. Maybe Gary was doing something?

When the dust had settled, I had to take care of that cheeky bastard who shot me. This prompted Frochit to toss me off my scooter into a tree. The tree was some sort of rats! Combined with the shot from earlier, I decided to take a wee nap. When I woke up I appeared to have some mortal injury! I self medicated with a couple of death sticks, and luckily Gumble has some experience as a doctor and stitched it up…to some extent.

Returning to Adda the Hutt, I asked if I could have that sweet ship that I saved his ass in. He laughed and let me join his swoop race, offering the ship “if” I win. If? More like when. If his racers are anything like his scrubby guards and pilots, this should be in the bag! So we went to get a bike!

Searching for a bike, I wanted a fancy new one. My crew was more than willing to help, especially Giblet. He must have a bunch of holonet money or something. We bought a screamer, and though they didn’t break on the price they offered to paint it ANY color we want. Even Red! It’s red now! I have a ship to bet and a night of partying before the race tomorrow!


ian2400 ian2400

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