Notable Locations

Addas Palace
The Nest
Sarlacc Circle

Notable Faces

Adda the Hutt
Thraak, “The Talon”


An almost entirely ocean planet, Nimban has one very large island. The coasts are lush and green, with a ring of mountains a few dozen kilometers inland creating a natural desert in the center of the island. This desert is home to the infamous Nesters, as well as a small but ferocious population of Sand Burrowers.

Nimban left the Old Republic for Hutt space many years ago, as a local band of pirates was terrorizing the planet and the Hutts offered their help in exchange for control of the planet. Now, this world serves as Adda the Hutt’s criminal organization’s headquarters. The local government has since been puppeted by Adda, who as promised also took control of the local pirate operation, The Nesters. The Nesters have their base of operations inside an ancient Dreadnaught capital ship that crashed nose-first into the inner mountain ring near the capital city of Florana.

Adda has begun building resorts on Nimban, starting with the capital, with ambitious expansion plans to turn the world into a tourist hot-spot.


Spice/drugs, medical supplies, adventurous tourists




The local government has begun to resent the control Adda exerts over their affairs, essentially making them useless. However, their security forces are meager compared to the combined forces of Adda’s private guard and the Nesters.

The Nesters, for their part, are getting fed up of being on Adda’s reigns. While well paid, they are ruthless pirates and miss the days of combat and pillaging, disliking having to work with and assist the local police force in keeping order.

Travel Times

Kwenn Station: 2 days @ class 2
Colony 12: 2 days @ class 2, increase astro check by 1


Trouble on Kwenn Station ian2400 ian2400