Planet: Nimban

Capital city of Nimban, Florana also holds the main spaceport for the planet. Large and over-populated, Nimban’s citizens are always desperate for something. Given that the planet has a strong agricultural base, that something is typically drugs and medical supplies. Florana is also home to most of the resorts that Adda has built in his effort to promote the planet as a tourist destination, though expansion plans are in place for other parts of the planet.

Addas Palace is located not far from Florana, accessible with a short landspeeder ride.


Asori Zhet
Shayl Prisk’tvo (in his shop)

Why come here?

Dock at Nimban, visit locals, visit government offices

What is a common smell or sound here?

Fresh flowering plants, the Nimban seas, homelessness in less ‘visible’ areas

Penalty (SETBACK to these actions)


Who belongs here? (BOOST to social)

Tourists, anyone willing to spare a few credits to locals


Trouble on Kwenn Station ian2400 ian2400