Kwenn Station


Notable Locations

The Dukes Archives
The Bastille
Dock 96
The Fat Bantha
The Relentless

Notable Faces

The Duke
Timmser Malo, “The Duchess”
Pel E’clat, “Pet”
Moff Vanko
Adar Tallon (presumed)


An old military facility abandoned during the clone wars, Kwenn station has been renovated by a Twi’lek known as “The Duke” whose goal was to turn Kwenn into a resort station which would serve as a front for a drug distribution center. Bankrolled by Adda the Hutt, Kwenn’s many fees are waived for all of Adda’s business, and Adda expects regular payments from The Duke in exchange for this initial loan.

There are three main ‘sections’ of Kwenn: Bottom: capital ship docking; Middle: spaceship docking, dry docks; Top: Residential/Business area where everyone lives and works. This top level is further subdivided into three layers: Bottom: Slums; Middle: Employee housing and living area. Also location of all distribution warehouses; Top: Resorts, high end housing and entertainment. The Spire: The Duke’s Archives sits near the top of an enormous spike-shaped tower, situated around it. It is a rotating bar/restaurant for high end clientele. At the very top of the Spire lies The Bastille, offices of The Duke.

The entire station is approximately 3km wide and 2km tall. Elevators provide access to each level. The entire station is policed by The Knights, a private security force employed by The Duke.


Food, water, medicine, alcohol. The essentials. There is no on-board agriculture or industry.


Spice, other drugs imported from across the galaxy for distribution


Very recently, the Imperial Star Destroyer Relentless has docked in Kwenn. Moff Vanko is hunting Adar Tallon, a former separatist ace, and believes him to be on the station. They maintain a presence and search ships for Adar, but do not interfere with Hutt sovereignty and allow the drug trade to continue un-impeded.

Only known to The Duke and a few others, a battalion of Old Republic battle droids were left on the lower levels, deactivated. The Duke has been pouring money into the accounts of a slicer in an attempt to reactivate and reprogram them in order to increase his profit margins by disbanding most of his Knights in favor of a droid security force.

Adda leaves the operations of Kwenn entirely in the hands of The Duke. Recently, The Duke has fallen behind on payments (due to paying his slicer, as well as general poor management), and Adda is getting impatient. The Duchess (The Duke’s right-hand), sees this as an opportunity to take over for herself.

Travel Times

Nimban: 2 days @ class 2
Colony 12: 2 days @ class 2, increase astro check by 1

Kwenn Station

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