Sarlacc Circle

Planet: Nimban

Located near the mountain range closest to Adda’s palace, the Sarlacc circle is an incredibly dangerous race track built into a swirl of rock that looks vaguely like the mouth of a massive Sarlacc. Swoop races are run here regularly, and are incredibly dangerous. Pirates and locals both race for cash prizes funded by Adda, who thoroughly enjoys racers endangering themselves and often dying for his entertainment. There is a highly dangerous shortcut at part of the track that leads past the entrance of a sand burrower lair. It is rumored that Swash is the only racer to take the ‘Dinner Dip’ and survive. Audiences from Florana flock to Addas regular swoop races in the hopes of seeing a brazen racer take the Dip, only to be devoured.


Qwallo Mode, “Swash”

Why come here?

Gambling, Socializing, Entertainment

Penalty (TWO SETBACK to these actions)

Betting on swoop racers not PCs or on Adda’s payroll

Sarlacc Circle

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