The Nest

Planet: Nimban


The remnants of an ancient crashed Dreadnaught, The Nest serves as the headquarters of The Nesters pirate gang. They use the dreadnaught much as it would have been used originally, with the obvious exception of its inability to fly. All parts of The Nest that could be fixed into working order have been, and the Nesters have made a comfortable home here, especially since Adda began providing a steady paycheck. That said, many of the Nesters long for the days of raiding ships and cities, missing the thrill of pirating, and resent being forced to sit on their hands and do Adda’s odd jobs and guard work.


Thraak, “The Talon”

Why come here?

Highly illegal/secret imports/exports to Adda go through the Nest, communication with pirates

What is a common smell here?

Poor hygiene, grease/fuel

Who belongs here? (BOOST to social)

Nesters, close Hutt contacts

Who doesn’t belong here? (SETBACK to social)

Anyone else

The Nest

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